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GAMERS FOUNDATION - Principles and Values
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The Gamers Foundation will consolidate, analyze and produce knowledge and approach to the global Gamer phenomenon: from a focus of challenges and opportunities. Its programs, projects, products and services will be mediated by informed professional actions and supported by the most current and relevant technical, scientific, expert and experiential knowledge.


The Gamers Foundation will promote the proper use of video games, new information and communication technologies; the technologies of accessibility, assistance and universal design.


The Gamers Foundation will adhere to the principles of non-discrimination based on origin / nationality, religion / belief, ethnic group, political / ideological affiliation, age, disability situation, socioeconomic status, sex, marital status, pregnancy or other characteristic. inherent in the human condition.


The Gamers Foundation, therefore, will work and seek cooperation, alliance and synergy relationships with a diversity of people, groups, communities and organizations, companies, government entities, universities, educational institutions, among others, that are recognized or accepted by law. of their country, are respectful of human rights and are not involved in criminal or illegal activities, incitement to hatred, violence, discrimination, supremacy / radicalization, and frank promotion against life and human well-being. It will not establish a relationship with groups and individuals who have historically been involved in crimes or crimes against humanity (even when at present, they are covered by treaties or amnesties).


The Gamers Foundation will establish twinning relationships between Colombia and other member states of the United Nations, represented by their governments, public and private organizations from various sectors, natural and legal persons, who, according to the principles of the rule of law, are subject to to laws that are publicly enacted, equally enforced and applied independently, as well as being consistent with international human rights standards and principles.


The Gamers Foundation will have as beneficiaries, clients and recipients of its projects, products and services, the general population (universal character). It will focus on populations that benefit from its project proposal, especially those that are likely to improve their quality of life and have full development in educational, work, recreational, and communicative areas, among others, through the appropriate use of video games. new information and communication technologies, accessibility technologies, gamification actions, video game-based intervention and addressing the problems and opportunities related to video games.


The Gamers Foundation will be based on the innovative character, entrepreneurship, collaborative work and conflict resolution through argumentation, dialogue and mutual welfare agreements.


The Gamers Foundation will seek relationships of mutual recognition, support, collaboration with Gamers (video game players), casual players, enthusiasts, competitive, professionals, influencers, content creators and streamers from the general Gamer field.


The Gamers Foundation will facilitate relationships with the video game industry, developers and the entire related community. It will make sustained and independent recommendations and will seek the participation of these actors to face the problems and opportunities derived from the culture and the Gamer phenomenon.


The Gamers Foundation, as an entity, will be a meeting point for all the actors inherent to the culture and the Gamer phenomenon. For this reason, and through collaborative work, they will seek solutions to problems and take advantage of opportunities around all the realities related to video games. You will not engage in activities that seek to create malicious divisiveness or controversy.


The Gamers Foundation, due to its democratic nature, and because it is a legal entity susceptible to economic, financial, cooperation relations, etc. You will face the possibility of participating in projects, consultancies, consulting, contracts, among other types of relationships, with, for example: the executive, the legislature, political parties, private companies (multinational, large, SMEs), public companies, organizations governmental and non-governmental, among others. It will always be governed by a principle of independence, its own ethical and moral sense. The organization does not wish to have or represent any specific political affiliation.


The Gamers Foundation will privilege cooperation, agreement, sponsorship, twinning, sponsorship, companionship, association, commercial / contractual relationships, among others, especially with organizations and individuals.



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